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Catch and release fishing technique

As most fishermen know, it is necessary to do an effective technique to catch and release the fish. It is necessary to avoid excessive fatigue and reduce fish handling activities to the minimum. This reduces the damage of skin and mucus layers on the skin, ligaments around the mouth, as well as gills. When catching fish by hand it is necessary to put a hand in water in order to avoid damage to the skin (it is known that the skin is susceptible to fungal infection). Larger specimens should be caught with one hand directly in the vicinity of the tail, with the other hand should hold the fish itself. While holding the fish under water, you mustn’t touch the gills or lift mud from the bottom. Use the  crused barb hooks and that way it is easier to release the fish. Use the net  in order to avoid withdrawal of fish in shallow waters over stones or rocks. While preparing for taking photos or recording the video you should keep the fish underwater. The main goal is not to keep the fish out the water for more than ten seconds. The fish which is caught should be released at the point without strong currents where the fish can recover and regain their senses. If you have followed the procedure, the fish should leave in a few seconds

When would be the best time to come for fishing on Tara River?

The answer to this question depends on the fishermen himself. Basically, any time of the year is good. The river brings peace and good mood. If you want to spend one part of the summer holidays fishing trout and grayling, we are recommending one of the summer months. Fishing season for trout begins in April and lasts until October. Fishing season for grayling starts in June and lasts until April. If you want to catch huchen fish (lat. Hucho hucho), the fishing season starts in April. During the process of preparation for the winter, the bigger species of grayling starts feeding at the end of September and October. The river will be all yours at that period and you will have a great chance to catch bigger species. If you want to go fishing for huchen fish, the queen of the water, and use the spinning method of fishing, the best time is August and September. Winter period is ideal for fishing, even though it is not popular because of the weather conditions and year vacations

 What to wear and to take with yourself?

Northern region of Montenegro belongs to the mild continental climate - mountain. The summer months of June, July, August are warm with average temperatures of 26-33 degrees. During this period, there is little rainfall which last for one or two days. In the period of September and October temperatures are lower and rainfalls are more frequent. In the winter period the temperatures range up to minus 10 degrees Celsius. The answer to the given question depends on the period of the year during which you plan to visit Montenegro. Apart from the necessary basic equipment of each fisherman, you should be prepared for extra-time change.


 Guilders will provide you with the flies and nymphs that are the best at the given conditions. Our guiders make their own flies that are of high quality.

 What can you expect?

There are numerous factors that in a certain way have an impact on the success of fishing. First of all, the weather conditions on the water that day. There are days when you have to put extra effort in order to catch a good fish. Luckily, there is a small number of such days and all those who come eventually leave satisfied. The experience of the guiders combined with well-made flies are proof for a successful day on the river. You should be prepared for a longer walking, but apart  from that we can offer packages that are adjusted to your abilities and wills.


fly fishing


Prices depend on the tipe of accommodation, having the need to rent the equipment etc..


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*We are organizing trasport for small private groups from 6-8 people with mini van, and for individuals with jeeps.



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Winter activities in Montenegro

North of Montenegro offers various activities during winter since it is very mountainous area. Activities include snowshoeing, skiing, caving, visits to local households, rural tourism, snow mobile rides, Nordic skiing....


The katuns are active from mid- May till mid September, when farmers move back to their villages. As in all other katuns, the whole life here is dedicated to caring for cattle and to cheese making.


Peaks of the Balkans - This 192km circuit will take you through the mountains of northern Albania, eastern Kosovo and southern Montenegro. The official route offers a diversity of landscapes and cultural experiences, but it does include a few asphalt road segments.

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