At roughly 5km from Andrijevica, if you take a forest road, you will come to the Talanovac hamlet and the Vuceljic estate situated on its sunny side, at altitude of 1110m. A tame yard full of local fruit is interlaced with wilderness of the surrounding forest. 


vuceljic valley


This is an ideal place to enjoy the richness of colours and sounds of nature. The view from the room windows will simply fill you with energy and take you out for a walk. The well planned cycling routes pass in the immediate vicinity of this househould that will take you to magnificent Komovi by offering them homemade brandy (rakija) and traditional specialities prepared from local ingredients. 


Quiet garden full of home grown fruit is intertwined with wilderness of the forest that surrounds it. Vuceljic family hs decided some years ago to initiate certification procedure for organic production of fruit, and today they are one of the rare families that has this certificate. From the fruit they produce, they prepare all kinds of treats – homemade brandy (traditional rakija), jams, juices, preserves.


vuceljic valley rural household



Private house with 3 bedrooms: 2 rooms with 2 beds and a master bedroom with a king bed configuration

The house sleeps 6 people upstairs and has a couch/bed downstairs in the dining area

Functional rocking antique baby cradle

Full kitchen with wood-burning stove

Dining area both inside and outside

National meals available

Property is located on hiking / mountain biking trails

Location: Andrijevica municipality, Talanovac village


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Peaks of the Balkans - This 192km circuit will take you through the mountains of northern Albania, eastern Kosovo and southern Montenegro. The official route offers a diversity of landscapes and cultural experiences, but it does include a few asphalt road segments.

Winter activities in Montenegro

North of Montenegro offers various activities during winter since it is very mountainous area. Activities include snowshoeing, skiing, caving, visits to local households, rural tourism, snow mobile rides, Nordic skiing....


The katuns are active from mid- May till mid September, when farmers move back to their villages. As in all other katuns, the whole life here is dedicated to caring for cattle and to cheese making.

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