All one hears are the sounds of the river and birds. Here, in the part of Lubnice called Aluge, at an elevation of around 1000m above sea level, in the hut of Slavko Obradovic surrounded by hundreds of fruit trees and three springs one could spend a life. It is all new and comfortable, well built, with everything necessary and nothing redundant.

rural household three springs


Wood, red stone, fireplace, large balcony and around- plum, apple and pear trees, chokeberry and currant shrubs…and only the river sounds below, and the singing of the birds. Bozana and Slavko have worked in various fields, both in the village and in town, but it seems that some relentless creative force was the strongest motivator. This is why they now have multiple orchards (with around 1000 trees), a flock of sheep, the hut, and the house in the center of the village. And a full table. From homemade liqueur, juices, cabbage rolls and pickle, to strawberry jam and apple pie…


Obradovic family has four adult children, and grandchildren. During summer, as is the case with the other children of the people from the village that are scattered all around the world, they come back to the schoolyard of the old school in Lubnice, on the trails along the three rivers, to renew the unforgettable days spent there long time ago.


rural household three springs



Full access to organic apple orchard

Exclusive use of wooden cottage

Two bedrooms upstairs – double & single in each room – sleeps 6

Full bath

Kitchen accessible in the basement

Dining / game area with fireplace

Farm to table organic meals available

Balcony on the upper level

Hiking and mountain biking opportunities around

Free parking available on the property

Location: Berane municipalty, Lubnice village


Three springs rural household



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