Speleology is the scientific study of caves, caverns and other forms of karst relief. By direct observation, surveying, recording and analyzing the structure we can learn the history of the formation of the underground object, changes the object is going through, and other relevant processes. Speleology is a multidisciplinary science that uses elements of chemistry, biology, geology, physics, meteorology and cartography in order to find and examine the complex karst landforms, primarily caves and grottoes.


Have you ever wished to discover the unknown? You no longer need to dream about flying to the moon to experience such an unbelievable adventure. It will be enough to follow us into the labyrinths of the caves or through attractive canyons to discover marvellous world of beauty which nature has been creating during millions and millions of years.


Caves that can be visited: Cave of the Devil's Firov (Đalovića cave), Novakovic caves, Ratkova cave, Osoja, cave Skakavac, cave Vranštica ....


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SPECIAL PROGRAM for speleologists and mountaineers


1. Day: Arrival on the airport, transfer to hotel. Dinner, overnight.


Description: Hotel is placed in the center of Podgorica ( capital city of Montenegro) Hotel se nalazi u centru Podgorice


2. Day: Novakovica cave, Bijelo Polje.


Description: Transfer to Bijelo Polje ( cave is located near the city) lasts app. 2 hours , and 10min more of hiking to the cave entrance. Near Novakovica cave is nice canyon „Bezdanica“ which is possible to visit as part of this program and also is recomended for easier adaptation in cave and as a test of the physical ability of participants. We will spend 4-5 hours in the cave. After visitation transfer to city , dinner and acommodation in hotel or villa.


3. Day: Djalovica cave, (crossing village Djalovici)


Description: There are two possible ways to Djalovica cave and first day we are going across village Djalovici. There is 48km from Bijelo Polje to this village ( 40km of asphalt road and 8km of makadam road ). There is a descending path from village to the base of the gorge where is the entrance to the cave. We need hour and a half from village to the cave, and in return app. two hours, we will cross this path by foot. 5 hours in the cave . Return in afternoon hours. Dinner, overnight.


4. Day: Day for rest of cave activities – hike-picnic on mountain Bjelasica


Description: Transfer from our villa or hotel to the place Ravna Rijeka where the Pincgauer- terrain vehicle is waiting for us. Transfer to mountain house „Cmiljaca“, medium hard hiking-tour, mountain lunch – home made specialities, and return in afternoon hours. Dinner, overnight.


 .caving montenegro


5. Day: Djalovića cave (crossing village Mojstir) return down the canyon Bistrica


Description: New experience, entrance to the cave from the other side, hiking across village Mojstir. 4-5 hours in cave, and 3km of canyoning in return. Return in afternoon hours. Dinner, overnight.


6. Day: Osoja cave


Description: Cave 14km far from Bijelo Polje and it's reached by foot. We will spend 4 hours in the cave. Return in afternoon hours.


7. Day: One speleological spot for research....


Description: On the teritory of municipality of Bijelo Polje, as on the teritory of Northern Montenegro also, there is a great number of unexplored speleological spots which makes this area real speleological Eldorado for different sp.exlorations. Return in afternoon hours. Dinner with music and socializing with locals.... Overnight.


8. Day – Leaving


Included in price:

*Transfer of people and equipment acording to program


-1 night in Podgorica, hotel 4*

-6 nights in Bijelo Polje in hotel or Villa, service HB

*Lunch every day

*Guide service in english language, guides for caves

*Organization of the program

Not included: All not mentioned services,


DIFFICULT, ADRENALIN PROGRAM, for people with good physical fitness or for speleologists and mountaineers

Number of person: minimum 10– most 15 people

Equipment: Organizator of the program will provide nececary speleol. Equipment (Helmet, lamp, belt,overalls, gloves and equipment for climbing and descending), but since this program is designed for profesional cavers we advise you to carry your own equipment, to avoid the problems regarding the equipment size (footwear , overalls) Organizator provides photo-equipment.

Organizator can change order of program, due to factors on which he can't influence on (weather condition, flight schedule...)

We recommend health insurance – 5e per day.


caving montenegro

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