1. Day - arrival in Kolasin- Overnight in hotel 3*, service HB, standard double room. 
2. Day- 12.07
Activity: Biking from Kolasin to Matesevo thanTresnjevik and Jelovica, Path lenght is 50 km, Difference in altitude +800/-600. Accomodation in mountain hotel ,,Jelovica”.
Description: After breakfast, a start from Kolasin (950mnv), road leads across Matesevo to Tresnjevik (1572m) , alphalt road, after that across mountain Bjelasica and beside katun Vranjak (1750mnv) and further more to Jelovica – macadam road. Hotel Jelovica has multi bed rooms with sharing bathroom. Safe storage for bikes are provided.
mountain biking montenegro
After 15 km from Tresnjevik, folow this direction to Jelovica:
3. Day
Activity: Biking from Jelovica to Lubnice- Kurikuce-Sisko jezero -Cmiljaca, Path lenght is app. 28km, Difference in altitute is +800/-400. Accommodation in mountain house Cmiljace.
Description: After breakfast we are starting from hotel. Asphalt path to the village Kurikuce in lenght of app. 13km, after that 7km of macadam road to Sisko lake. Path futher more leads partly through the village, slightly uphill, partly across a beaten mountain paths and pasturages to the mountain house. Mountain house is arranged under latest standards , with double rooms, kitchen, living room and sharing bathroom on a attractive location from where the wondeful view on a city of Bijelo Polje
4. Day
Activity: Biking Cmiljace- Majstorovina-Ravna Rijeka- Bijelo Polje-Bistica, Path lenght is 37km , Height difference -1250. Accomodation in B.P
Description: After breakfast start from mountain house. Path leads to Bijelo Polje, macadam part is 9km long, and the rest is asphalt road – of which 20km is the main magistral road. Storage for the bikes is provided.
For this day we can arrange transfer of your baggage from Bjelasica mountain to hotel in city town, accommodation in small hotel in Bijelo Polje So you can check in the hotel at the afternoon, and have organized lunch in the city. Dinner you can organize yourselves. 
biking montenegro
5. Day 
Activity: Biking tour to village Korita and Bistica, Transfer of people and bikes to village Crhalj (app. 30km) Path lenght is app. 50km Altitude difference +900/-1250
Description: Path leads through attractive villages, we will have short breaks on viewpoints from where you can see mountains Bjelasica, Komovi, Prokletije and Hajla. Major part of the path is on macadam road 35km. Returning to a house in late afternoon .
The path is lenght app 55 km, for lunch we recommend sandweeches, fruit and juice, which you can take from hotel.  At the afternoon transfer to Kolasin. 
baggage from Kolasin to Jelovica
baggage from Jelovica to Cmjiljace
baggage from Cmiljace to Bijelo Polje
baggage, pax and bikes from Bijelo Polje to Kolasin
For the detailed tour please download the PDF file in upper right corner, and for a complete info with maps please contact us here

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