World Premiere of "Jaguar" in Niksic
From all destinations on the world tourism map, British auto giant has choosen the Salt Lake near Niksic. Steep, rocky terrain and wild nature around the lake are ideal basis for testing the first SUV Jaguar F-Pace.
Jaguar's SUVs started cruising the Montenegrin roads couple of days ago, and around Salt Lake coming from Budva, where the technical staff of the company Jaguar is located. The promotion runs until the beginning of May, when Montenegro will be visited by more than 600 journalists from all over the world. "We have the ability to ride through the beautiful landscapes and discover a very nice place in the heart of Europe which is not a typical European, and for us it is a bit exotic," said a journalist from Italy Paolo Kroci. 
The central event is planned for the middle of May when in the presence of numerous guests will be held an official test of Jaguar's SUV.