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The town Bijelo Polje is situated in the center of the Nord-east part of Montenegro, on 560m of altitude, between mountains Bjelasica and Lisa, in valley of river Lim. The name Bijelo Polje means ,,white field'', which got from the fields of daises that turn the landscape into a white linen each spring. Daisy is a symbol of Bijelo Polje. Bijelo Polje became interesting tourism destination for people who do not like a lot of tourists and noisy places, which want to explore beautiful nature, does not matter is it mountains, rivers, landscapes or just peaceful villages, from which they can enjoy in spectacular views to the surrounded mountains. For people who are fans of outdoor activities, hiking, biking, canyoning, horse-riding and cave exploring are just a few possibilities which they can do.

From other side, Bijelo Polje is an interesting destination for people who want to explore history and culture, there are a lot of monuments and places which will give you more impressions about life in this area in the past. Of course, meeting the local people is a special feeling and additional value of your holiday, because you will meet new friends who are ready to share with you time, food and private athmosphere. Bijelo Polje is a city with numerous manifestation (music, art, sport), so following calendar of manifestations, your can make a choice about period of your visit.





Cave exploring;

Horse riding;

City tour-museum, church Sv Peter, city's mosque, main squere;



Bjelasica mountain

Bistrica village

Djalovica gorge

Novakovica cave

Waterfall Skakala

Church Sv Peter- date from 12th century

City's mosque- date from 18th century

Monastery Sv Nikola- Podvrh- date from 17th century

Homeland museum

Poet's park

River Lim



Enjoy to explore Bijelo Polje following your wishes

1. day- Arrival day. Meet in the center of Bijelo Polje.

Accommodation and welcome dinner.

2. day- Relax or optional, an excursion; City tour & half day hiking Bistrica

3. day- Relax or optional, an excursion; Bjelasica mountain

4. day- Relax or optional, an excursion; Waterfall Skakala & horse riding

5. day- Relax or optional, an excursion; Cave exploring/biking

6. day- Breakfast. Departure



Bjelasica all day - hiking,

time of hiking: 5-7 hours

distance: 7-10 km (more options)

Level: easy to moderate 

Includes: transfer, English speaking guide, lunch in nature (local products cheese, milk cream, handmade bread etc)

Bistrica hiking, half day- 5 hours 12 km, easy level

time of hiking: 4-5 hours

distance: 12 km 

Level: easy 

Includes: transfer, English speaking guide, snack (sweets, fruit)

Waterfall Skakala & horse riding (1 hour)

time of hiking: 5 hours

distance: 15 km (more option)

Level: moderate

Includes: transfer, English speaking guide, lunch in a local family home, fee for horse riding up to 1 hour

City tour half day 

Includes: transfer, English speaking guide, entrance ticket for museum

time: 2-2:30 hours

Biking tour all day

time of biking: 5-7 hours

distance: 25-40 km (more option)

Level:  moderate

Includes: transfer, rent a bike, English speaking guide, lunch in nature 

Cave exploring half day

time: 5 hours

distance: 500m under ground 

Level: easy 

Includes: transfer, equipment, speleology guide, English speaking guide, lunch

Included in the price

  • Accommodation in double room in local family houses, bathroom shared,
  • Breakfast included (5 days)
  • City tax
  • Welcome dinner- arrival day



Not included in the price

  • Individual cost
  • Excursions
  • Transfer to/from Bijelo Polje
  • Drinks in restaurant during meals
  • All services which are not mentioned in the program
  • Dinners for 2,3,4,5 days- posibility in the city or additional payment in the family-
  • Dinner costs from 5-10€ dependnig of the menu.




Included accommodation, double room in local familly houses in the rural area. Shared bathroom

Supplement for accommodation in hotel will be on request

Supplements: Single use- 70€


Bjelasica all day- 55 € adult- 40€ chlid

Bistrica hiking, half day- 30€ adult-20 child

Waterfall Skakala& horse riding (1 hour) All day-60€ adult-50€ child

City tour half day  (2-2,5 hours)- 30€ adult- child free of charge.

Biking tour 45€- same rate for children and adult

Cave exploring haf day-70€ adult- 50€ child


Rest notes

This program is created for guests who want to spend more time in nature, learn more about the culture and traditions of northern Montenegro,

min 4 max 10 people

Recommendation for families with children

The schedule of the excursion is changable and dependable of weather conditions



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