Mountain biking is an extreme sport in which the bike ride goes through roads through forests, hills, mountains, vehicular roads, parks, etc .... This sport requires special equipment and bicycles, and capped at a previous knowledge, experience and technology to drive these types of roads. The drive can be either on the mountain, either on a hybrid bike, and a common feature of all mountain bikes is that they have wide tires with studs, wide and reinforced tube frame and suspension on the front forks.

Bjelasica is for many the most beautiful mountain of Montenegro. Bjelasica, unlike other mountains in the region, is of volcanic origin. From there the summers on mountain are green, and winters white. Bjelasica is attractive for hiking, mountain biking, jeep tours, and for the lovers of botany especially in the spring months,  Bjelasica is covered with a floral blanket. Komovi, together with Durmitor and Bjelasica are most impressive massifs of the Dinaric mountain system. Diverse and unique flora and fauna, numerous clear mountain springs and rivers, numerous cultural monuments, churches and monasteries, as well as the warmth of the people who live at the foot of Bjelasica cannot leave you indifferent.



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Program: Day 1

Group meeting on Biogradsko lake. Arrival can be the night before and sleep in bungalows in the national park. Regardless of when the group comes, we suggest a tour of Biogradska Lake, a real jewel, located on almost 1100mnv and surrounded by one of the three remaining primeval forests in Europe. When the group is ready we start the climb along the unpaved road which is not very easy- for 10 kilometers of biking, the rise is about 760m. But the energy you invest certainly pays back with the beauty Bjelasica mountain gives us back. Climbing the serpentine, we need a lot of strength, but when we get to Lalević valley, we have the opportunity to take a break in a mountain “cafe '' where we can drink a glass of brandy, if desired, a coffee and eat a piece of homemade pie. After that to  Svatovsko cemetery we have a little bit more of ascending, and then we go a lot easier. Tired of the climb, we will be happy to take a break, or maybe just as the pretext to enjoy the incredible sight, no matter which way you look. The road leads to the Zekovoj head, we recommend short climb to the saddle in order to enjoy the panorama of the stone amphitheater that forms Bjelasica, and in the base is the Pešića Lake. We continue through the foot of the Troglave mountain to  Vranjak, where we recommend an overnight. The trail has a total debt of around 22km, with the rise of 1060m and 400m descent.


Program: Day 2


After breakfast we leave Vranjak and ride through the crossroads in the direction of Trešnjevik. At this stage, we have a few easy climbs, and later we will have the opportunity to enjoy the view on the Komovi mountain. We pass by the mountain hut Krivi do, where we can take a break and relax tasting good food. We continue on the slopes of Lisa beside numerous summer pastures. After arriving at the Trešnjevik we can relax in one of the local pubs, but we still continue to Eco Katun Štavna, located at the foot of Komovi. Although we get there before dark, we have plenty of time to admire the beauty of this place of peace, which offers us stay in Katun. The path is about 21km, with a total ascent of 570m and descent of 610m.


The program includes: Bike rental, guides, luggage transfers, accommodation and food.


This program is designed for lovers of mountain biking, natural attractions. The tour is available from June to October.


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The katuns are active from mid- May till mid September, when farmers move back to their villages. As in all other katuns, the whole life here is dedicated to caring for cattle and to cheese making.

Winter activities in Montenegro

North of Montenegro offers various activities during winter since it is very mountainous area. Activities include snowshoeing, skiing, caving, visits to local households, rural tourism, snow mobile rides, Nordic skiing....

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