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The village of Bistrica

The idyllic landscapes of this village in the valley of the river Bistrica hide a rich and interesting history. Using the potentials of the river, the village got electricity long before the town itself, and the first light bulb in the entire district shone right here. The first radios arrived after her, so many people from Bijelo Polje came to Bistrica for parties to listen to the news. It was in period before World War II. During the war, the Italians took the turbine, so the plant stopped working. Although it was returned after liberation, it was never put back into operation, because at that time the city received electricity, and thus the village.

Numerous mills were built in the village next to the river, and next to them, at the end of the 19th century, the first taverns (kahve), hence the old name of the village - Kahve. Bistrica is also known for Hasanbegovic's long-lived loggia (cardak), demolished in the 1970s. The three-story loggia was the only one that managed to survive all the riots and wars because two families of different faiths lived in harmony in it. "No one touched him, he was guarded by two faiths."

The village of Bistrica is 16 km away from Bijelo Polje, it is located at about 585 m above sea level. The village is intersected by the river of the same name, which gives its attractiveness to the village. The population is engaged in agriculture and livestock.

The village is ideal for vacation: hiking, biking, vacation by the river or photo safari.



Stay in village, 

Visit local farm,

Possibilities for:

hiking, biking, canyoning and speleology





  • Djalovica gorge&cave, 
  • Monastery Sn Nikola, Podvrh, dates from 17th century, 
  • River Bistrica, 
  • Old bridge, dates from 17 th century,
  • Local people, 
  • Local food,
  • Hiking&biking trails



Apartments Muzurovic are located in the village of Bistrica on a property where there is a pond. 

There are 5 apartments in this building. Each apartment has a bedroom, living room and bathroom. Two apartments have a view of the pond and 3 of the river.

The common area is a dining room with a capacity of 30 seats. Bedroom- double room (1 has a double bed, the others two single beds) living room- sofa bed.




Air conditioner


Own bathroom




Shared bathroom


Mini bar














Hear drier


King bed




Separated beds


Table lamp


Night table


Dining room


Kitchen (Frizz. Oven)




Table for meals


Possibility for camping


Toilet paper


Additional bed- sofa


Baby cot






Meals possibility




Possibility of washing clothes


Children friendly yard


Cleaning service during stay


Smoke in the room




Included in the price

Daily stay in an apartment (max 2+2)

In the case that you want to book accommodation for more pax, please send us an email 


Not included in the price

City taxes,




Ather servisec which didn't mentioned





Excursion - hiking through the Djalovica gorge 45 € per person (adult), 25 € per person (child)

Excursion to visit a rural household with lunch: 40 € per person (adult), drinks included, 25 € per person (child)

Rent a bike - 10 € /2 hours / 20 € day

City tour + shopping-35€

Cave exploring- 70€


Meals (per person/day):

  • breakfast-6€
  • lunch-10€
  • dinner-10€


Rest notes

This accommodation is recommended for families with children (sofa as an extra bed), for couples or friends. Max number in apartment is 3 adults or 2 adults+ 2 children.

Via this system you can bok only one apartment, but if you want to book one more, contact us via email

Depending of oyour location, we can arrange transfer to/from village. Contact us for more details

The environment is quiet, so it provides opportunities to relax by the water or take an easy walk. Meals can be ordered from the household in the vicinity of the apartment, and the same can be delivered to you in the apartment.


Supermarket: 1,7km

Train station: 13,50km

Pharmacy: 13,50 km

Petrol station: 8,50km

Restaurant: 8 km

City center (Bijelo Polje): 16,50km


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