Čakor- Mašnički katun- Kaludarske Kape


The katuns are active from mid- May till min September, when farmers move back to their villages. As in all other katuns, the whole life here is dedicated to caring for cattle and to cheese making. Farmers are  friendly  and hospitably, and will give you an opportunity to parcitipate in any of the traditional activites that make their everyday life. The food you will eat here is not servd in any of the resturants in Montenegro and it si very tasty and special.


Besides from the fantastic food here you can try many others activities and services: kamping, renting a tent, making a barbeque, hanging by the fireplace, horse riding. You can also recharge your electronic devices, purchas all kind of homemade products such as famous brandy (rakija), woolen socks and vests…


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Day 1: Arrival at the katun in morning hours. Host will welcome you with refreshment : homemade juices, milk, seasonal fruits… Staying in the katun, participate in katuns everyday work such as making cheese, milking cows/sheeps/goats. Lunch - homemade specialities. After lunch walking tour to the Masnicki katun (cca 9 km). It is possible to rent a horses in Rusin Krs katun and go to Masnicki katun by riding a horse. Staying for night in Masnicki katun cottages. Dinner.


Distance : 9.500 m

Lowest point : 1786 m      Highest point : 1994 m

Total climb : 300 m           Total downhill : 302 m

Walking - 3 h, biking -1h , jeep – 1h


Day 2: After the rich breakfast we start walking tour to the katun Kaludarske Kape over the Vracevo katun (oko 9,5km). Short staying at the Vracevo katun, refreshment. Lunch – homemade specialities at  katun Kaludarske. Staying at the katun till late afternoon hours and transfer/walking to the village Kalurda (Berane municipality),where you can stay for the night in a beautiful Eco village Oka i po. End of program.


Distance : 8.500 m

Lowest point : 1745 m      Highest point : 1888 m

Total climb : 212 m           Total downhill : 259 m

Walking - 3 h, biking -1h , jeep – 1h


katun road montenegro, weekend on katun


Price – 50 € per person, children under 12 - 50% discount

Need to confirm reservation 30 days before arrival

Price include: Staying at the katun, refreshment, 2 lunches,breakfast, dinner, participation in katuns works, gift souvenir , guide

Price does not include: Transfer to the katun, Homemade products guests want to purchase.


  • Transfer to the katun is possible upon request
  • This program can be arranged for families with children over 8 years old and for the families who want to spend quality time in the mountains.
  • We recommend that you take your own towels and bed sheets or sleeping bag
  • Best time to take this program : from May till October
  • Additional payment for bike rent and jeep transfer

Accomodation in mountain cottages with capacity up to 10 persons.


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The katuns are active from mid- May till mid September, when farmers move back to their villages. As in all other katuns, the whole life here is dedicated to caring for cattle and to cheese making.

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